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Attract customers using your network. Build relationship with them. Explain advantages of buying through Emex DWC. Signed up them with your promocode.
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Get paid back 1% commission within 6 months for every customers order.
Who are our customers?
Any business in any country which regularly buys auto spare parts and able to carry out customs clearance if necessary. Emex DWC accumulates the best deals from suppliers around the world and deliver auto parts to over 70 countries.
How much can I earn?
Emex DWC is wholesale marketplace. Our average order level is high, meaning a high average commission payout per order for you. You will earn 1 % commission.
Our customers purchase for $30K in average per month, so you can earn 300 USD per attracted customer every month.
Emex DWC agents get access to powerful resources to help drive success: analytics and data, guides, brochures, posters, logos, photos. Our customer support team will be in touch with your 24/7.
Frequently Asked Questions
Once your application is approved (typically within 48 hours), you will receive an email notification and you'll be eligible to apply for the Emex DWC agent program.
Use your network, call your colleagues in spare parts companies, workshops, parts offline and online shops. Do web search, get contact details of parts purchase manager/buyers, make direct call or send mails using our support materials.

Show them how much they can earn by buying through Emex DWC. Take some well-known OEM brands such as TOYOTA. Select multiple part numbers. For example:




9090363014 BEARING



1305031170 PINION ASSY

and price them in emexdwc.ae. Show the potential customer the difference between their purchase prices and Emex DWC prices. We have 25 million spare part numbers, so you are sure to find a favourable price offer for a potential customer in our online wholesale store. Just spend time and analyse customer needs.

Tell them that it’s possible to get even better prices (up to 5% discount) if their monthly orders total - $50 000 or more.

The promotional code (promocode) is your unique number in the Emex DWC system. You will receive this code during registration. This is very important when the client puts your promotional code during sign up. That's how we understand that it was you who attracted this client.
You will receive 1% for 6 months from the first customer order. So If you attracted customer at February 10 you get 1% from each dollar which customer paid to Emex DWC in February, March, April, May, June and July. Attracting new customers regularly you can earn commission nonstop.
We pay an amount of 50 USD or more. If you earn a commission of less than 50 USD it will be added to commission of next month.
We pay commission on monthly basis. You get money in the first week of month of commission for previous month. We will transfer money to your PayPal https://www.paypal.com account.
Within your agent account you can monitor customers sales and your commission amounts online. You will have access to a range of reports in your account in emexdwc.ae
You will not be expected to fulfil orders or handle customer service queries – you can leave that to us! You must make sure that you adhere to the Emex DWC Program Terms & Conditions - ensuring that you providing customers with appropriate and correct information about Emex DWC and its offers.
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